Many artists are represented by and through the Bluff Country Artists Gallery, but some of our most famous artists are the brave locals who try their hand at something new through one of our classes. We are proud of and thankful for YOU--our inspiration to keep going and doing what we are charged to do: create arts opportunities in the Houston Country area! 

We salute you, our local artists--who pick up a paint brush (Renee's fabulous heart/wine class), put on their hat and scarf and brave the cold with their digital camera (David's upcoming winter photography class), or learn how to forge beautiful wearable art from raw materials (Patty's upcoming jewelry class)! 

If you have an idea for a class we should offer, by all means call or write to us about it! We are always on the lookout for great concepts that spark and ignite our creative juices. Or, perhaps you have a special artistic skill that you would like to highlight as a class teacher? We are open to and excited to receive proposals for such events! So, get out your thinking caps, and spread the word that great things are happening at YOUR LOCAL Bluff Country Artists Gallery! Thanks for your support, encouragement, and participation...let's keep creating!