Alex Eglinton • Chalk and graphite drawings

Amihan • Huesmann • Hand-dyed silk ties

Andy Hall • Photographic images

AnnKaren Gronbeck-Peterson • Viking knit w/metals, hammered metals jewelry

Anna Marie Pavlik • Intaglio process-printmaking

Barb Decker • paper collage, cards

Barbara Keith • glass mosaic

Beth Rotto • Music/CD

Bird Skemp Baubles by Bird • Jewelry

Karen and Vicki Berland Bijoux Specialty jewelry

Bonnie Williams • Photography

Carl Homstad • Woodcuts, cards

Carol Gaustad • Silk scarves

Joel Sampson Copper Crane Pottery Ceramic pottery, fountains

Craig Bergsgaard • Bronze sculpture

David Kamm • Printmaking

David Perkins • Glass pendant jewelry

Dean Schwarz • Pottery

Dell Magnuson-Secor • Pine needle vessels, pastels, watercolor

Diana Frear • Colored pencil

Doris Besikof • Oil painting

Doug Cole • Wheel thrown pottery

Duane Seward • Metal sculpture

Emilio DeGarcia • Writer

Gary Friemann • Wood lathe

Gary Koenig • Photography

George Moe • Wood carving

Gerald Clymer • Wood inlay (boxes)

Geraldine Schwarz • Books

Gretchen Olson • Clay jewelry; clay mugs/bowls/plates

M Harvey Langseth • Wood

Hiroshi Tanaka • Oil painting

Jackie Roverud McMurray • Jewelry (beaded)

Jeanine Scheffert • Colored pencil and metal jewelry, batik, printmaking, oil painting

Jenna Blum • Photography, writing

Jenna Landsom • Oil painting

Jensine Wing • Jewelry 

Jillellyn Storlie • Oil painting

Jim Hollander • Watercolors

JoAnn Plavansky • Jewelry

Joan Finnegan • Oil painting, cards

Julie Alden • Floor rugs (coated canvas)

Kate Pearce • Acrylic

Kathie Koski • Oils

Kathrine Myrah • Photography

Kay Cross • Quilting

Kelly Jean Ohl • Ceramic rattles, bowls, wall art

Kris Henderson • Glass pendants

Larry Welo • Printmaking

Lennis Moore • Woodcuts

Lori Wilhelmson Moonflower Cards • Handmade cards

Lynn Susag • Folk art w/woodburn design

Madisen Myrah • Photography

Mariah Deschler • Photo cards

Mariella Ter Beest Schladweiler • Handbags

Maritza •  Music/CD

Mary Ann Gloe • Watercolors, cut work

Mary Ann Eischen • Fiber (silk scarves)

Melody Stockton • Fiber Art

Nate & Hallie Evans • Woodfired pottery, fused and slumped glass

Norma Refsal • Sterling silver jewelry

Paul Gustafson • Oils

Peggy Koop • Fiber

Reid Strand • turned wood pens

Renee Nation • Fiber, felting, cards

Richard Dison • Watercolor

Kathy Nelson Rising Sun Studio Jewelry

Roger Meyer • Turned wood, furniture

Sam Jackson • Graphic art

Sandy Thimgan • Jewelry

Sarah Schroeder • Jewelry (beaded)

Stacie Thompson • Photography

Stephen Hodder • Blown glass

Steve & Peggy Kittleson • Kaleidoscopes

Steve Welper • Metal sculpture

Erin Roesler Tangled Up In Hue Jewelry

Teresa Schumaker • Pottery

Thomas Eickhoff • Photography

Tim Blanski • Wood, furniture

Vicky • Kurk • Stained glass

Dennis Green • Wood-N-Things Turned wood/pens